Seawater swimming pool at old mill near Baia des Quatro Ribeiras

On the Rocks at Quatro Ribeiras

Quatro Ribeiras

Swimming pool at the Terceira Mar hotel viewed from our balcony with Monte Brasil in the background

Land view of the Terceira Mar hotel at Angra do Heroismo

View over Angra including the Cathedral do Santissimo Salvador da Se

Igreja da Misericordia overlooking the yacht basin at Angra

Praia d'Angra beside the yacht basin

Theo in the Gruta de Natal

Hygrangea hedges & Andrew

Steaming vents at Furnas do Enxofre on Terceira

Ponta dos Capelinhos

On the edge at Ponta dos Capelinhos

Ponta dos Capelinhos

Corner fireplace in the lighthouse keeper's lodgings, Ponta dos Capelinhos

Salvage of the CP Valour at Praia da Faja

CP Valour which suffered engine troubles before going aground at Praia da Faja, Faial

Bigger waves breaking on the deck

Rocks in the harbour

Faial Coastline

Ponta do Sala(n)o, Faial, with Sao Jorge in the distance

View of Horta Harbour from the belvedere Espalamaca

View from our balcony at the Hotel Horta, Faial: Pico in the clouds & the Astoria cruise ship

Pico at dawn, elevation 2351m/7711ft

Pico at Dawn from our balcony

Clouds moving across the Caldeira rim

Caldeira, Faial - spot the walking tourists on the floor

View of tourists walking on the floor of the Caldeira, Faial

Theo touches Pico

Azorean Grey Wagtail chick on the Caldeira

Cows on the Caldeira slopes with Pico in the background

Faial, Pico & Andrew from the Caldeira rim

Porto-Pim through the harbour gate

View of Porto-Pim and Horta Harbour (in background) from Monte de Guia

Horta from the ferry to Pico, our hotel centre right looking like a waffle

Pico waterfront with a little boat coming in to land at Madalena, Pico

Pico at Dawn, Sunday morning

Pico at Dawn, Sunday morning with the Pico ferry (on left)

Boarding the whale-watching RIBs with Pico in the background

Our sister boat with Pico in the background

Sperm whale off Sao Jorge

sperm whales

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins frolicking

leaping dolphin

leaping dolphin, soaring gull

Theo watching the surf at Feteira, w. of Horta

Andrew, flat out at Feteira

Feteira in the background

the little merman

high water

low water

On returning from the rock pool we saw a rainbow from our balcony

The rainbow is quite low and stretches from just above the crane on the left into the harbour

Horta Harbour from the air, Porto-Pim on this side and the yacht basin on the other

Ponta Delgada Aeroporto, Sao Miguel

Sete Cidades, Lagoa Azul e Lagoa Verda (Blue Lake & Green Lake, foreground)

Sete Cidades (left) and the two lakes

Azorean chaffinches (makes a change from sparrows)

View of Mosteiros from the mirodouro at Ponta do Escalvado

Theo visits the Eiffel Tower

Igreja do Sao Pedro, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel

Former harbour front colonnade at Ponta Delgada, now kitchens for Cafe Mascot and covered with moorish tiles

Original city gates and Igreja do Sao Sebastian - where's Andrew?

A multi-coloured house we liked on Rua dos Acores

Theo amongst the pineapples

pineapple candelabrum in the gift shop

Lagoa do Fogo as the cloud moves in

Lagoa do Fogo, people on the beach

a Ginger Lily

a Tree Fern

Stinking, bubbling, steaming volcanic mud: a fumarole near Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha - where's Andrew?

he really likes them

Tea plantation, Cha Porto Formoso

Inside the tea factory, most equipment supplied by Marshall's of Gainsborough

the dryer

the dryer from another angle

Andrew finds a friend

Tea Plantation no. 2 at Gorreana: the oxidation room

Emptying the sterilizing barrel

Freshly sterilized tea entering the oxidation room

a dryer

Suffocated by the fumes at Furnas

the boiling waters at Furnas

Furnas with the boiling waters in the foreground and the sulphurous steam in the background

Pero Botelho - a 16th century nickname for the devil - it sounds like an enormous dishwasher

locals boil sacks of corn on the cob in these pools and sell them to tourists - yum!

Furnas - corn sacks in background on right

Thomas Hickling's mansion in the Terra Nostra gardens overlooking a dark yellow thermal pool

on the rocks in the waterlily pond, Terra Nostra gardens

just kidding

water lily extreme close-up

Andrew's favorite orange flowers again with allium lilies and hydrangea shrubs too.

The waterlily pool (note stepping stones) with Nostra Senhora da Alegria in the background

the English-style flower garden with a deep herbaceous border, high hedges and a chaffinch

Pre-dawn view of the morning star from our hotel window

the Pico Zone between Capelas (background) and Sete Cidades

View of Lagoas Santiago & Azul (L to R) - note tourists on left at mirodouro

View out to sea from a mirodouro and picnic area near Relva

Hotel Sao Miguel Park swimming pool